Web & Print Creations 

Websites Creation

Websites Creation

Web Project Creation & Management

  • Showcase site, e-commerce, events, ...
  • For business, association, individual, ...

Graphic Design & Webdesign

  • Original creation or use of your graphical charter and visual identity.

Responsive Design

  • Adaptability in all media: computer, mobile phone & laptop.
  • Non-intrusive content animations, slideshows, sliders, ...

Web Integration

  • (X)HTML / CSS integration, web standards friendly.
  • Compatibility tested in all major browsers.

Administration Interface

  • Management of dynamic contents: textual contents, photos, videos, ...
  • Programming specific modules tailored to your business and needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Semantic display, for optimal ranking on search engines.

Jerome Reaux Web Creations

Web Designer, Freelance IT Developer

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